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Bill Clinton Trivia [Sep. 20th, 2006|08:52 am]
I Love Bill Clinton


Trivia about Bill Clinton:

Clinton is 6' 1½" (1.87m) tall.

Clinton is left-handed (other sinistral Presidents include James A. Garfield, Herbert Hoover, Harry S. Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush).

Following the death of Pope John Paul II on 2005-04-02 Clinton stirred up a mini-controversy saying the late pontiff, "may have had a mixed legacy…there will be debates about him. But on balance, he was a man of God, he was a consistent person, he did what he thought was right." Clinton sat with both President George W. Bush and former President George H.W. Bush as the first current or former American heads of state to attend a papal funeral.

On 2006-05-13, Clinton was the commencement speaker along with George H. W. Bush at Tulane University in New Orleans. They both received honorary Doctorates of Laws from Tulane University. Clinton spoke to the students, faculty and alumni of Tulane and of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina that Tulane students know firsthand.

Clinton is an amateur saxophonist (other recent musical presidents include pianists Harry Truman and Richard Nixon).

Clinton is allergic to dust, mold, pollen, and cat dander, mildly allergic to beef and dairy products.

Clinton was a brother of Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity and Kappa Kappa Psi, a band service fraternity.

Clinton was the only President to be married to a member of Congress: Hillary Rodham

Clinton's service as a Senator officially began 18 days before his second term ended.

Clinton has basic knowledge of German; he studied German in college as his language-of-choice.

Clinton owned two pets during his presidency: a male chocolate-colored Labrador Retriever named "Buddy" and a cat named "Socks". Socks arrived in 1993 and was the first cat to live in the White House since President Carter's daughter's cat Misty Malarky Ying Yang. Clinton acquired Buddy as a puppy in 1997 and named him after his late uncle. Buddy and Socks fought frequently at the White House and were kept in separate quarters. Since this would be no longer possible in the Clintons' smaller home in Chappaqua, New York, Socks was given away to Clinton's secretary when he left office. Buddy died after being run over by a car near the Clintons' Chappaqua house in 2002.

Centraal Beheer, a Dutch insurance company famous for its humorous commercials, once had a TV commercial involving Clinton and a voodoo doll. This commercial was taken down after a few weeks at the request of the White House.

Clinton reportedly owned a 1970 El Camino at one time. Speaking to a group of GM employees, Clinton joked, "It had astro-turf in the back. You don't want to know why."

In November of 1997 President Clinton made history by being the first sitting President to speak to a gay rights organization. He gave a speech at a formal dinner hosted by the Human Rights Campaign .

The Clinton thumb gesture was popularized by Clinton.

Clinton's campaign song during his first Presidential campaign was "Don't Stop" [Thinking About Tomorrow] by Fleetwood Mac. He even managed to persuade the then-defunct group to perform for his inaugural ball in 1993.

Clinton is, to date, the only sitting U.S. President to have shaken hands with Cuban President Fidel Castro. The two leaders found themselves standing next to each other at a U.N. photo op in September 2000. As the 150 leaders in attendance were exiting for lunch, a chance bottle neck at the door put the two leaders side by side and the handshake took place. They shook hands and exchanged what was described as small talk for a couple of minutes. Richard Nixon shook Castro's hand when he was Vice-President, and Jimmy Carter has done so during his post-presidential years.

The first presidential Webcast, held by President Bill Clinton on 1999-11-08 live from Georgetown University, is currently the only bona fide Internet-age broadcast in a Presidential library. The two hour internet broadcast entitled Townhall with President Clinton, hosted by Al From of the Democratic Leadership Council and directed by Marc Scarpa, was billed as an "Online Town Hall Meeting" ushering in 'The New Politics of the Information Age'".

Appeared in a commercial with preceding president George Herbert Walker Bush encouraging donations to the Red Cross and other charities after the 2004 Tsunami.

Appeared in a commercial for Nickelodeon's Let's Just Play Get Healthy Challenge.

During the 1998 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Clinton made a bet with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien on the playoff series between the Washington Capitals and the Ottawa Senators where the loser of the series had to wear the opposing team's jersey, The Capitals won the series four games to one and Chretien had to wear a Capitals jersey.

In 2003, he became the only politican to be the highlight of an E! True Hollywood Story. 

[User Picture]From: katje0711
2006-09-20 03:21 pm (UTC)
Clinton spoke at my high school graduation in 1988.

Clinton used to own a dog named Zeke.

Clinton's birth name was William Jefferson Blyth, III. He adopted the name Clinton, before his brother, Roger, started school. He wanted them to have the same last name, so things would not be confusing for his brother.
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[User Picture]From: urgayleswoman
2006-09-20 10:55 pm (UTC)
yay! more trivia!

I had read the bit about his last name change in his autobiography. It seems really sensitive of him to have thought of what his brother would go through if they had different last names. That's nice.
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[User Picture]From: katje0711
2006-09-20 11:54 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I thought that was really cool of him.
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